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We’ve been amazing both clients and their guests with tailor made fully-themed events since 1989. We’ve helped 100’s of clients and customers transform venues into amazing spaces for guests who are looking to be stimulated by unique environments and memorable experiences.

'We're one of a few (if not the only) companies in the UK that can truly deliver a fully themed event, in-house'.


Fully themed means that we’ll take care of everything, apart from directing your guests to the venue and to their seats. Everything else is down to us. We’ll source the venue and handle the booking, we’ll handle all event creative; from concept through to event print and venue dressing - and we’ll manage and deliver both your entertainment and production.



From here on in, we’ve got your back. From helping you to choose your theme or style, through to finding the perfect venue, then delivering a full suite of entertainment and production – an experienced Events Director is always on hand to guide you through the tricky event cycle…


Once we’ve established your budget we can focus on delivering the biggest bang for your buck. This means we’ll work hard to ensure that a thorough event brief is extracted, the perfect venue is selected, the best creative is presented and a paramount production is delivered.

Project Managemet



Event Cycle Check List.png

Having taken into consideration…


1 - Your budget

2 - The number of attendees

3 - Your preferred locations

4 - The facilities required

5 - The required transport links 

6 - Your accommodation preferences

We’ll source the perfect venue and negotiate the venue fee on your behalf to obtain a competitive rate.


Discovering a great venue is the easy bit, but understanding how your theming will work in the venue is often the real challenge. So let Theming Services take on the challenge to find you the perfect venue.




Having serviced the live events industry for more than 30 years it’s safe to say that we know our way around a venue – and it’s an equally safe bet to say that we’ve struck some great relationships with many, leading, UK venues along the way.


Our venue finding service will save you both time and money, allowing you the freedom to focus on more important matters (like booking out some great props).


As part of a fully themed event we’ll provide…


1 - An initial UK venue finding service with no obligation to commit

2 - A list of suitable venues presented to you

3 - An account manager who’ll work on your behalf to get you the best result for your money




Once we’ve shortlisted a venue we're able to carry out a site survey, or site visit, as part of our planning process. Following a detailed survey we’ll create scaled plans and elevations. The key elements we pick up during a venue survey will often include...


A detailed footprint of the venue -

All elevations and features within -

Goods access

Fire exits

Service access/egress

-All mains power

Lighting and audio systems [in house]

In house furniture 

Hanging points and suspension systems

Venue Survey


We've over 3000 individual, off-the-shelf, props spread across more than 25 themes - ready to roll out at a moment’s notice. Once we've established your budget and have a clear understanding of your venue then we can go ahead and select the props and features that will drum home the most impact for your event.


If you're looking for something a little more bespoke then why not lay down the challenge to our prop-making team who will gladly knock you up something amazing. 


We don’t just stop at the props. It's the table dressing, the venue dressing, the lighting and AV, the staging and dance floor, and the engaging entertainment that really brings them to life. Luckily we’re here for that too…

Mask black and white.png


Table dressing is often at the heart of any themed dinner, or cabaret style event; with a numbered table centre playing an important part in guiding your guests or delegates to their tables, whilst connecting them to your overarching event theme, or style, at the same time.


Let Theming Services bring your tables to life with creative table dressing and a wide selection of table centres and table runners. From numbered jungle spears to casino chips, we're sure to have the table centre piece to match your theme… if not, then we'll get all crafty and manufacture something bespoke.


We can event pin spot your numbered table centre-piece with a bullet beam from above to guide your guests to their assigned tables.

Table Dressing


So, we found you the perfect venue, but you still need to transform the space to make your theme really stand out. Not all spaces compliment props and themes, or will create the intimacy that you desire, so it’s important to neutralise existing décor first.


We have a number of in-house solutions that will neutralise your venue, create intimacy and make your theme stand out and look amazing.


Star Cloth never fails to deliver a dramatic effect to all events and we have this in abundance - along with a large stock of black, serge, blackout drapes, which are very versatile and regularly used for; creating borders around stage sets, for blacking out venues, acoustic dampening, neutralising existing décor, reducing down the size of the venue and product reveals.



If you don’t see the theming that you want, then why not challenge us to create it for you. We work with some seriously talented prop makers and carpenters, in-house… so nothing is impossible. Many of our props came about through client demand at some point, so if you want us to pull a rabbit out of the hat, quite literally, then don’t be scared to ask!


We can create technical layouts and conceptual visuals for illustrating ideas. Using the latest CAD software means that we can bring ideas to life before the build.


It’s handy if you can keep both your theming and creative under one roof, to ensure consistency throughout your project. As part of a fully themed event we can handle both your event design and print requirements.


From bespoke invites, entrance signs, directional signs, to themed table pieces and posters, our talented creative team has the capability to design and produce both small and large format print.

Design & Build
Event Creative


A stage is not just for raising your entertainer and speakers. Stages are great for creating interesting floor-level dynamics and giving elevation to your props, so that they can displayed at a height where they can be safely appreciated by your guests. 


Theming Services is part of one of the UK’s biggest staging manufactures and supplier’s (Staging Services Ltd). This means that creating a slick-looking stage, to us, is simply a walk in the park. From a basic stage riser to an elaborate stage layout for performance, there’s no need to worry – it’s still all under one roof!