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Finally, Christmas is Over!

So, whilst the rest of the UK was kicking Christmas into touch and preparing for an eventful Spring, the team here at Theming Services has spent much of the new year developing a strategic Christmas-themed conference for MCL Create and Cadburys (Mondelez).

Having been invited by MCLCreate to assist them in their quest to deliver a tactical ‘Cosy Christmas’ experience for the Mondelez global teams, our creative team took to the drawing board in an attempt to keep Christmas alive up until February!

This was a complete bespoke build from top to bottom - turning the existing stage at the Cadbury Club, Bournville, into a family home – whilst offering delegates a peak through a bay window into the warmth of a family living room at Christmas time - from where global teams would present 2020 Christmas sales and marketing initiatives.

Our set consisted of a brick-effect cladded stage with screen surrounds, complete with icicles, a front door, and even a delivery from the milkman. The set was finished off with garden steps leading up to the stage, along with garden fences covered in snow and wild winter grasses.

On stage the warmth of Christmas was delivered with the help of a 10ft Christmas tree - lined with Mondelez-coloured presents, architectural props, graphics and a fireplace featuring an open, roaring, fire.

Room entrances around the venue were turned into walk through ice caves using mouldable aluminium cloth and creative lighting, whilst walkways through the venue were lined with snow covered Christmas trees. Strategically placed pine diffusers delivered the smell of Christmas across the venue.

All in all, Santa really delivered for us on this one – but as much as we love Christmas and delivering festive themed events, it’s safe to say that we’re pretty happy to be parking it away for a few months.

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