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What is a Peaky Blinders Themed Event?

With the BBC confirming, at last, that season five of Peaky Blinders is coming to the BBC later this month, in the world of event theming, Peaky Blinders is definitely the theme that’s nibbling away at the desires of event organisers, both here in the UK and across the pond.

The Peaky Blinders is Birmingham's answer to the Soprano's, a gang of craggy Brummies’ enveloped in a world of protection rackets, fraud, bribery, smuggling, hijacking, robbery, and bookmaking. The perfect combination for a themed event, obviously 😊


The Peaky Blinders were real, albeit being slightly over glamorised by the BBC. They wore a recognizable outfit, most notable for the flat cap capable of hiding razor blades (although some argue that this is not necessarily the reason for their namesake). Gang members as young as teenagers also wore silk scarves around their necks and sported thick wool jackets and buttoned waistcoats. The gang chose its outfit to add class to their thieving. The gear also helped distinguish the Peaky Blinders from rival gangs. The gang was highly organised with its own systems of hierarchy.

The Peaky Blinders weren't the only ones who dressed up. Their girlfriends also followed the gang's lead by wearing expensive, tailored clothing, often wearing pearls and imitated their boyfriends by wearing silk handkerchiefs.

After nearly a decade of political control, their growing influence brought on the attention of a larger gang, the Birmingham Boys. The Peaky Blinders' expansion into racecourses led to violent backlash from the Birmingham gang. Peaky Blinder families physically distanced themselves from Birmingham's centre into the countryside. With the Blinders' withdrawal from the criminal underworld, the Sabini gang moved in on the Birmingham Boys gang and solidified political control over Central England in the 1930s.

In 2013 the name was reused for a TV BBC series entitled the Peaky Blinders. The series, which stars Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson and Joe Cole, is a crime story about a fictional power-crazed crime family, The Shelby’s, operating in Birmingham just after World War I.


Then step back in time to the roaring twenties and discover the murky underground world of the Peaky Blinders - an urban street gang based in Birmingham, England, emerging around 1880 - as a crime wave swept across Britain.


Let Theming Services open up a world of protection rackets, fraud, bribery, smuggling, hijacking, robbery, and bookmaking!


Peaky Blinders is a local stomping ground for us - making us perfectly qualified to take on your Peaky Blinders themed event. Let Theming Services open a world of protection rackets, fraud, bribery, smuggling, hijacking, robbery, and bookmaking. Follow in the footsteps of the Peaky Blinders and take a stroll up the infamous Watery Lane and Explore ‘Charlie’s Yard’ with an extensive range of realistic Peaky Blinders props and themed backdrops.

Theming Services can help you deliver a truly authentic, fully managed, Peaky Blinders experience - using props, venue dressing, table dressing, themed entrance features, Staging, LED Star Cloth, Dance Floor and live entertainment.

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