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What is an American Diner?

In a nutshell - The American Diner is an indisputable cultural icon that has appeared in all facets of American popular culture — it is a significant setting in acclaimed films like Pulp Fiction, Grease, When Harry Met Sally and in vintage TV shows like Happy Day

The concept of the diner began when Water Scott, a Rhode Island entrepreneur, repurposed a horse-pulled wagon into a car that served sandwiches, coffee, pies, and eggs to people late at night. In 1923 Jerry Mahoney established the first stationary diner – and in the 1950’s he owned more than 6,000 diners nationwide.

Diners in the 1930 had a futuristic, bullet shaped, exteriors and chrome exteriors that reflected the modern era. After World War II diners implemented Formica countertops, porcelain tiles, leather booths, wood panelling and terrazzo floors.

Today the diner is still an icon of American Culture and you’ll find one in almost every American city or town. During most elections political candidates will often make a stop at the local diner to meet voters.


Well, now’s your chance, and there’s no better place to start than within one of America’s most iconic settings... the American Diner!

With an extensive range of realistic American Diner props and themed backdrops, Theming Services can help you deliver a truly authentic, fully managed, American Diner themed experience - using props, venue dressing, table dressing, themed entrance features, Staging, LED Star Cloth, Dance Floor and live entertainment.

TOP TIP: Always make sure that you've plenty of neon lights, chrome decor and you're serving up plenty of burgers, ice cream and milkshake - and if you fire out some rock and roll classics from an authentic Wurlitzer Jukebox then you're definitely on to a winner!

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